Final Chapter – A Giant Alien Force More Violent and Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine


Scariest battle music ever.

Oh, Pokey… this is a battle background. Are you trying to tell me the final boss is a battle background?


“and he isn’t even aware of what he is doing now. His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power. What an all-mighty idiot!”

You got it Pokey. But who’s the bigger idiot? The idiot or the one who follows him?


And then he disappeared.


With Pokey gone we can safely attack the battle background.


Well, not exactly safely.


Actually, I can go a little longer.


OH NO! So destroying the universe was your true goal all along! I am in shock.


Oh, come on.


The battle rages on.


Pyle’s almost out of PP. I might as well use the Pray command while someone else restores her PP with an item. Maybe it’ll heal everyone or we’ll fall asleep.


“… Somebody… help us…”

Weird, the Pray command acts funny.


What do we have here? Saturn Valley.


Oh, that’ll help…


Turns out it does.


And it gets crazier from here.


Sorry, shall I Pray for you?


Let’s do exactly that.


Yay, for the Runaway Five.


This time he takes damage, but just a leetle.


What’s the problem with Viqer? This unhealthy obsession with Viqer really reminds me of Pokey.


That’s a bit better.


You’re weird. I like you.


Still not as much damage as our average attacks deal. But we’re getting closer.


A prayer a day, keeps the sadness away.


This is unusual for the dreams the women of Dalaam have featuring Lol.


We need to Pray more still.


Oh, that guy. I remember him.


Now that’s a good prayer.




Whoa, what the hell, Giygas is going crazy.


Oh.. shit…

This is what happens if you rely on prayers.


Yeah, you’re immune to prayers now. Lol is crying. I’m out of ideas… so…


Think of someone Pyle.


Someone is not a name…




“-er met them before”

Or something.




Whoever that is, I have no idea.


But as long as the damage is right I don’t care.




Wait wait wait wait wait. WHO?!


Ohhh… right… I get it. It’s the name I picked for YOU the READER, yes, the specific you. I totally didn’t make that up on the spot. I just don’t know your name so I picked a name anyone can relate to. Iroquoy von Gaywilliardo. It has a nice ring to it.

But I kinda feel left out. I can’t do this anymore, that’s it. No one called for me to pray for them. This is unfair. Someone should say my name. Or type it right there. I will respond to InsaneGenius. That’s one word, and the first I and the G are capital letters. I case you can’t manage that you can copy and paste it.




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