Chapter 22 – Child in Time

I got through the crazy dream sequence which let me keep the items I obtained within it even after it was over. Now the band is back together and we’re in Saturn Valley where Apple Kid and Dr. Andonuts wait with a Mr. Saturn-shaped machine. The Phase Distorter, maybe?

No… not?

Sounds like my old friend, Porky.

Anyway, Apple Kid lets us know that this device here can only teleport us to places within this time period, and it’s detecting something bad in the lost underworld (where we’re small in comparison to everything else and dinosaurs live). I think we should check that out.


The missing thing is…

Yes, it’s the object that kick-started the plot. It’s In Onett. Just Let us go there and fetch it. We can teleport there, y’know.

What the hell? That won’t stop me.

Off to Onett.

Looks darker than usual. Let’s go up that hill, and say hi to my mom while we’re on our way.

Don’t worry, Ma. I’m on my way to stop this.

Why? Of course I want to reach for it, to receive the METEORITE PIECE!!!

I expected a boss fight before that, but I don’t mind not having to fight.

Let’s go back to Saturn Valley.

We want slumber, yes.

Cool, then let’s go!

I said: “Cool, then let’s go!”

We are now in the phase distorter.

The Phase Distorter is now gone.

This is where the Phase Distorter will appear.

The Phase Distorter is now here.

And so are we.

Hey, it’s Lol’s buddy. He teaches him one last technique through his sheer presence. And then disappears again. PSI Starstorm Ω baddies to death, Lol!

And he says that next to a broken Phase Distorter. If this is Popeye’s I wonder where he is.

We decide to further explore this place.

Then a Phase Distorter materializes.

Mr. Saturn sure are incredible.

We must go to the past. I know.

What a nice feature.

And so we have to transfer our minds into robots…

You don’t happen to have robots at hand, do you?


And so our… uh… “spirits” are transferred into robots.


Flip common sense the finger and do something stupid.

I am iron man, bitch.

This looks final dungeon-esque.

A sphere? What’s it do?

Teleport’s what’s it do.

Normal enemies start being tough all of a sudden, but I can manage.

This smells like boss fight. Let’s go.

Now THIS looks like a final dungeon.

Hey look, What’s this?

Hey look, it’s my face.

Hey look, it’s Penelope, my best friend forever.

Not if I can destroy the vile red falcon in time!

Hey, what if Giygas is a future version of yourself. Would I have to make up silly names for him as well?

What, that didn’t screw with your mind?

That sounds, like, really evil.

A bit too evil for him, it turns out.

I figure it might be the smartest to defeat Popcorn first, he’s probably weaker than the embodiment of evil itself. But that face there really freaks me out.

Hey, that’s my move.

I never claimed such a thing.

Happens to be a trait most boss fights share. The not being able to run part, I mean.

Bring it.


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