Chapter 21 – My Dream’s But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare

Shades of gray.

Looks kinda like my house…

I’m sort of invisible now. I catch a glimpse of a small, cute puppy

Hey, this is my room… what’s …


A vision of a baby in a red cap.

I think I get it now. I catch a whiff of fire, but just for a second.

I heard my mother from far away… she said “Be a thoughtful, strong boy…”

A baby’s bottle, but just for an instant.

I saw myself as a baby, I still miss the short vision of my mother when she was young, I wasn’t seeing anyone. My father wasn’t holding me either. Maybe I’m just to assume this happened because it probably did. (or I glitched my parents away)

Let’s make sense of this later.

I am now Viqer… in my (Viqer’s) Pyjamas.

From the eight power spots. Prolly the “Your Sanctuary”s and this must be “Your World”

And suddenly the palette shifts…

Yo, Everdred…

Palette shift again. I clearly have a very unstable mind.

You were already dead when I did that, why should you even care? Because I am the enemy of all zombies? A monster?


You know he’s an ass better than anyone else, you’re his brother after all.

Let’s Play: Earthbound: Chapter 21 – My dream’s but a drop of fuel for a nightmare.

What does Powhammer do in my very own dreamscape? And why does he want to be best friends forever with me?

Mr. Beeman, how could I ever forget you.

Sounds like a pretty cool place from that angle.

I didn’t lose it. I sold it.

Hey, this looks weird, I should probably touch it.


Oooh, Kraken! Nope buddy, I’m still invincible to fire.

More Kraken, maybe I should grind a bit.

My grinding is denied. Then I find a statue

Yeah… well… I forced YOUR FACE into being. Take that.

I fight my nightmare. And die. Three times. I’m so super pissed I decide to use Auto Fight

Voila, the shitty AI is better than me.

The voice explains to me that it’s Giygas’ goal to destroy me. (Le gasp)

“Everything in the unverse [sic] could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas”

Then the voice tells me something about the Apple of Enlightenment and his prophecy.

I talked with myself a while ago, he (I (Viqer)) found my cap I lost (sold).

Fine, but only because you claim to be me.

And all the other locations as well. They give my stats a significant boost.

I woke up with all the “Your Sanctuary”s flashing before my eyes one or several more times.

The Sound Stone disappears.

And you got nothing better to do than to let me lie here in this unfriendly environment. Good job.

I tell them about Saturn Valley.

Yeah, let’s go.

I am now Viqer, Pyle, Joker and Lol.


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