Chapter 20 – Coming Home

We are now in Onett, on our way to fetch a book called “Overcoming Shyness” from the library.

Yeah, you’re cute too. Wanna hang out?

It’s in some bookcase, he says.

Not here.

Great, finally. Let’s go to Tenda village to help the Tenda overcome their shyness.

But first, since I’m already here, I figure I might as well visit my family and introduce my friends before I leave.

And so four people shared one bed.

Sister seems fine too.

And Batman hasn’t changed one bit. I had high hopes in you boy.

But now back to Tenda.

That guy is the only one who can read, apparently. He’s nice enough to read the book to the whole village.

Picture dude is back.



Again, and this time it’s not even Tony calling me, it’s just a voice from… from… SOMEWHERE!

Who the hell would come up with such a dumb name anyway.

Totally! I made a gay joke. I’m not at all homophobic because it’s supposed to be my name or something, see?

The shyness of the Tenda is no more. Let’s get that rock out of our way.

He threw it up towards the ceiling. But it will never come down again. This can have a few logical reasons, like, his throw was so powerful it crashed through the ceiling. But that may as well cause the cave to collapse, which doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, there is no additional light shining through a hole or something. So the second option is that it’s stuck in the ceiling of the cave. A third option would obviously be that there is no ceiling and the rock got launched into infinity.

Sooooo… down through that hole to meet…

Yes, a talking rock. He wants me to find a particularly big talking rock deep within that cave and also complains that rocks around here aren’t very talkative.

This doesn’t seem to be the one I should find.

This isn’t a rock at all, but it talks anyway.

Another one of those asshole enemies who reflect your attacks. Luckily it doesn’t hit me too hard this time and he turns out to be no big problem for me.

Is this the “Your Sanctuary”? Looks pretty.


“I’m Viqer… It’s been a long road getting here. Soon I’ll be… Soon I’ll be… Soon I’ll be… What will happen to us? W… what’s happening? My thoughts are being written out on the wall… or are they?

And mah soundstone records the melody of this place. (Lumine Hall)

The only exit is a hole, let’s jump down there.

What the hell?!

I believe I’m on the outside…

Fine… whatever.

At least I find that huge talking rock. It wants me to take notes, but then all it tells us are the locations of the “Your Sanctuary”s we have to make our own in order to see “Your World”. But the only one missing is…

Thanks a bunch, now I gotta go.

Sounds like a handful of crazy. But I’m used to that by now.

This must be the place we should go to.

Looks like the fiery place I’ve been promised.

The cohort is a Major Psychic Psycho, in case you wondered.

We also fight some Soul Consuming Flames.

The final talking light.

Carbon Dog vs. Rockin’ Snaqe, Merill, Lolicon and hell. Let’s make Lol Carbon Dog after we kill that boss.

Suddenly the dog transforms.

Now it’s Diamond Dog vs. Rockin’ Snaqe, Merill, Lolicon and Carbon Dog.

This is how Diamond Dog becomes tame.

Now we should go on and make that last “Your Sanctuary” our own…

Also: Melody of Fire Spring is recorded.

This seems to be my Soundstone. The eight melodies it recorded are now played.

Crazy shit is about to occur. I think.


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