Chapter 19 – Forever Of The Stars

We reached Tenda a cave-village full of…

People who say exactly that.

Let’s take a look around and maybe find something useful in trash cans or something.

Who the hell threw away a perfectly fine death ray?

We just fought another incarnation of Belch and wandered through a swamp. So we’re probably covered in yucky things.

How could we not take a group bath? With our clothes on.

At least I am not offered any coffee this time around.

Aren’t they just adorable?

Hey, cool, maybe you can help me, then.

I came here with no specific idea on what to do except for vanquishing some sort of darkness. A vague goal, yes. I vanquished some darkness not too long ago, but I don’t think that was all.

With that rock over there, but the only Tenda who’s strong enough to move that rock stands right next to it. But he’s too shy to help us. I normally wouldn’t bother, but he promised me dinosaurs and talking stones.

Our new goal is to help someone overcome his shyness… No idea how I could do that. Let us leave for now. Maybe Apple Kid will call and say he’s finished his Shyness Eraser.

Hi Apple Kid, you always call when we need you, funny eh? Oh, you’re at Joker’s dad’s place, have you two been busy? “Eraser Eraser”? What the hell, I don’t need that right now.

Is that sentence one exclamation mark punctuated with five more?

Click’n’beep… This is bad.

Oh, the receiver rings again.

Awww, poop. Orange Kid calls me to let me know that he still hasn’t succeeded in changing a boiled egg back to a raw egg. No idea why you would want to do that and.. OH BY THE WAY!!!

he also tells me Apple Kid is missing.

“Overcoming Shyness”… mmmmh. Let’s go to Twoson and steal that book from Apple Kid’s house.

But let’s say hi to Orange Kid first, so we can properly… tame him… then again, that might not be necessary. The problem will most likely solve itself.

There’s a shelf and some junk in Apple Kid’s house, but no Overcoming Shyness. I guess we’ll have to go back to Winters after all.

We Teleport there to learn that we have to walk all the way from the boarding school to Dr. Andonuts lab.

Uh… sure I’ll find him. He’s probably where I’m going to end up someday anyway.

Nessie took us across the lake again…

We destroy one of those filthy pencils again.

Then we go through that little cave and reach Stonehenge, which is also where the lab is.

Upon entering we find a mouse.

Oh, the machine’s finished, he’s gone and I remember only one place with a huge eraser blocking my way. That place happens to be nearby.

Oh… That probably means I was right earlier. The mouse gives us the Eraser Eraser machine and we go find an eraser.

It’s down, there, yes, that’s supposed to be a hole.

Which is a good thing.

Let’s wander about this place a bit.

We’re probably on to something, because that guy looks suspiciously like that bad dude from back when we were with Mr. Beeman.

After a while we reach a place that looks like this.

And fight some more things. Like a gold colored Starmen and a walking Atomic Bomb.

After some more wandering we reach a dark place.

And then we find THIS!!! Oh no! They got SEBASTIAN! And Tony, Mr. Saturn, Dr. Andonuts, Mr. T, Apple Kid and a Hippy.

Tony might be a bit too much into Joker.

We must stop this madness…

Yeah… well… your intelligence is dumb.

Robots, made of science, believe in prophecies now.

Oh shit, he got spikes on his shoulders and head. I’m fucked.

I really am. That guy is an asshole, he reflects our shit and we die. So I save scum my way back to the beginning of the battle. I now know what the game over screen looks like, I haven’t made a screenshot, though because I was too pissed at being beaten by a robot who relies on spikes to make people believe he’s just a poser .

Okay, second try. Let’s use the Shield Killer to kill his shield. It works. Oh, he calls reinforcements, that’s not too bad. What? Reflected again. We die.

Three’s a charm. New strategy. We PSI Shield Beta ourselves. So his shit gets reflected too. Reflection doesn’t work every single time, so people die. But…

Take that motherfucker, you just killed yourself.

This is good, right?

Mo’ like a hundred percent amirite?

I cannot pronounce the word “Duh” in any way that would do the duh-ing necessary for this specific occasion any justice.

A library. A. Goddamn. Library. Why didn’t I think of that.

Yeah, doc. Go distort some phases.

Fresh air. How sweet. Next stop will be Onett library.


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