Chapter 18 – Paint It Black

Lol’s gone for some time now and we’ll have to manage somehow without his general awesome.

I guess that means that guy back in Winters managed to fulfill his dream of becoming half man, half dungeon.

The man also tells me that it’s some kinda strange tower to the northwest and gives me the key.

So let’s check this out.

Enter Dungeon Man

Very clever, you want me to go to the left first.

Because there’s a bench to sleep on, a telephone and an ATM. Also: A plant.

If only.

Now, let’s go over to the right.

This will probably be very important later on.

What the hell’s wrong with you? Five dollars are five dollars. There’s nothing disappointing to that.

All of these signs say the same. We take the third rope because it’s the closest to the last sign.

Dungeon Man: Helpful as always.

To be dungeon or not to be dungeon… you dude, ARE a dungeon.


It might be worth noting that downstairs there was a sign saying that a sign upstairs will say that.

With Dr. Andonut’s help he became Dungeon Man.

Dungeon Man offers to come with us for a while. This is the first time a dungeon joins my party.

So we jump down the return hole with all our courage.

And dungeon man follows us. Someone even photographed it.

We’re right behind him, seriously.

Dungeon Man is so cool, he’s always right behind us, except in photos.



It’s cool man, we’ll always be bros.

Yeah, even though the only way we can get there is via a submarine. Where can I find a submarine? Mmmmh…

Oh right… Of course I can have it.

And so I do…

Coincidental color, yes. Broken down, yes… But luckily we have Joker who fixes the thing within three seconds. Then we somehow manage to get that thing out of here.

My friends are all aboard. Except Lol.

And we land in a swamp. I’m not sure if that’s any better than a desert but I think everyone should try to be open minded about such things. Even if it’s a swamp level. I mean, at least they beat a majority of underwater levels.

This sucks.

Givl givl givl, oz OD s des,ü örbrö sgzrt söö. Fs,m.

I teach you the ancient art of teleporting and shall receive…


I’ll now be able to fight with the power of love (of a monkey)

Eternal Darkness, meet Hawk Eye…

Hawk Eye, meet Eternal Darkness.

Almost as if it couldn’t get any worse… I have to fight a big pile of puke.

Once again, the photographer strikes in an unexpected location.

This helicopter looks familiar. Joker just might be able to fix it. If the engine weren’t missing.

Dpttx fsf O’, lomda bidx tohjz mpe-

OH NO!!! A

Only he calls himself Puke now… sorry I meant: “Pnlx hr’d vsllinh himdrlg Üilr mpe-”

Hell of a way to greet old friends.

And so we beat the guy up again. Only We don’t have even a slight hint of a problem this time around.

Then Lol shows up to steal mah kill.

Without any warm words to celebrate our reunion we go on to find a cave.

Which is actually a town called Tenda  full of shy people.


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