Chapter 17 – Third Eye Surfer

Kraken killed (tamed) three quarters of our fighting party. An epic duel ensued. The beast was slain (tamed). I went to the next necromancer (hospital) to revive (fix up) my fallen (burnt alive – to ashes) comrades (best friends forever)

Let’s celebrate our reunion with a picture of us smiling together, right people?. RIGHT!?

Oh, you can’t be mad at me just because I was the only one not carrying items that could have revived you? I didn’t carry any because… I trusted you… yeah.

I wont not revive you again, okay? I got the spell now, so it’s all fine.

Hey, check this out. It’s that guy again. In the middle of the desert.

It’s still a bit much. Mmmh. But I guess it’s justified to give a man sitting in the desert a bit more. Besides, I wouldn’t want to show up at the Pyramid party early.

Hint Man on the carrot key:

All right. I was thinking about doing that anyway later, why not now? It’s not like I’m in a rush or had my three buddies killed on the way here or anything.

Strange indeed. But not as strange as a pencil-… I’ve done that one already? Have I?

More caves.

With clouds inside them.

And… uh…

… yeah.

Look, a hole. Let’s jump into it.

Look, a room with multiple holes. Let’s only jump into the leftmost of them because I tried the others already with boring results.

Another hole deeper…

The sixth already. There are comma like comma eight comma right?

Thunder and Storm are no match for our combined strength.

We reach a fluffy place. Pink Cloud.

Mandatory Soundstone notice.

Now QUICK back to Scaraba so we can get that pyramid problem off the table.

Let’s give Hint Man a hundred bucks again, just to be absolutely sure.

Turns out, yes, We have to go to the pyramid. we probably could have gone there before but now the guy tells me to.

Approximately two screens to the right is the pyramid. A picture of us is taken.

I do the sphinx dance in front of the sphinx and we are granted entry to the pyramid.

We are now in the pyramid.

Holy shit. Arachnid!!!. That’s, like, three whole exclamation marks. If I didn’t know any better I’d assume the “A” at the end was an unfinished scream.

Let’s go up.

Oh, you poor thing.

Let’s go up s’more

This is probably important. But we can’t do anything here right now.

Oooooh, going down. That’s new.

A casket blocking our path. I bet it’s anything but an enemy.

Oh no! As it turns out the only option I ruled out is true. How could this happen?

Foe dispatched. Let’s go through that door.

I am surprised by the enemy! The green screen however indicates that I surprised the enemy. I don’t know what to make of this.

The bad monsters are defeated and there I see a very suspicious looking floor tile.



Ooooh, a hole. I guess that means doooown again.

It’s the Hawk Eye. I manage to take it without activating any traps. Kinda disappointing.

Just let me know if the constant images showing whether I’m going up or down annoy you.

It’s not like I’ll give a damn, though.

Finally a straight path. Though there were stairs at the end. They went up. And out.

Back out that old guy from back at the nothingness tornado teleports himself right in front of us.

To… take Lol from us so he can learn an unstoppable technique called the “Starstorm” I hope he uses that to save our asses once he’s back.

See ya Lol, gain a few levels while you’re away so we’re not too far ahead of you when you come back.


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