Chapter 15 – My Last Sunrise

I have to complete my training or something now.

I was a minute ago, now I am Lol.

Oh, absolutely.

Let’s look at the status of my new self

Level 15 already. Nice. My other dudes all started out at Level 1 and are now 40- and 30-ish

Of course, It would be bad if the man who will be the law in a few years would be a rebel, that’s why I, Lol, am a womanizer.

Leavin’ da pallis.

Yeah… “play”… haha, I get it.

I may also take all your worldly possessions, like all good RPG-Heroes

Fuck yeah, this water is AWESOME. If I’m out of PP I can drink it to get back my… PP. Man. The game beat me to it.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to hehehe “play” hehehe… I have to complete my training at some place of nothingness.

Yeah. But unfortunately I don’t have much time for them anymore because I have to be all serious about life all of a sudden.

Yes. Yes yes… But now it’s time to get serious and get shit done.

This does indeed sound strange, but not as strange as pencil-shaped iron statues.

I go the other way and find “Mu” aka “The Place of Nothingness”

The old guy tells me he once too had to complete this training  just before he transforms into small tornadoes and disappears.

Up to nothingness.

I shall now become one with nothingness.

My only master is myself, woman.

I don’t need my legs when I am one with nothingness.

Take my arms talking head.

Go ahead, I can’t hear you anyway.

I believe I am one step ahead of you, there is no air these words could fly through.

Do so, by all means, I am tired of your visage anyway.

“Your mind is all you have left… In the end I will take your mind, though you probably don’t want to allow that, do you? So you can’t answer” You can’t even move? Are you sad, are you lonely? If you lose your mind you also lose any feelings of sadness…”

I am become…

…interrupted during my magnificent trip into nothingness.

Back to the palace.

Yeah, I guess I now know everything about nothingness.

Old man tells me about some prophecy where three boys and one girl destroy evil or something.

I am one of those boys. Must go to Viqer… but first…

Then I teleport… FOR REAL!

How the fuck did I end up in the sand down here? I’d say I don’t take food or drinnks from strangers ever again, but I’m afraid it might be necessary to advance the plot.

Hello to you too.


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