Chapter 14 – Wherever I May Roam

Splenderiffic, our helicopter just got stolen by Polly.

Luckily Pyle is crazy enough to have a vision or something.

„[…] to get to Summers… we need to go back to Threed.“

Yeah, Barry. We learned that Monotoli was a good guy all along and was only mind controlled by the evil statue we destroyed a while ago. We even knew where to go and how to get there, but now that our helicopter got stolen by Pocci we know nothing. Well, except that we might have to go to Threed…

What? You want to take us to Threed with your tour bus? That’s nice of you and certainly faster than “teleporting” (walking). Let’s go meet at your bus.

Then Apple Kid gives me a call.

He’s really confident all of a sudden. What surprises me the most is that he seems to know that we must defeat some Giygas.

I’m not sure if that’s really the answer, but hey, go nuts.

Before he hangs up he says he has to go find some Dr. Andonuts to make that invention even possible. Funny.

Down in the hall I get another, unexpected, call. Orange Kid. Hadn’t you called me right now I would’ve forgotten about you kid. And that would’ve been good for you.

It would probably not worth it inflicting violence upon him. Maybe I’ll pay him a visit some time, if I don’t forget.

Yeah! Right on!

That’s good. Now what?

Oh, hey Joker, do you still remember when you crash landed here on the graveyard causing that hole and disturbing the rest of the dead? Good times.

Let’s go down there, for the old times’ sake.

Look, some people who fixed your dad’s suicide machine for us. Seems like it’s still not working though.

Joker finds the problem rather quickly. And fixes it. But the Sky Runner will only take us to Winters, Dr. Andonut will have to calibrate it for traveling to Summers or something.

Awww, isn’t that cute? Mr. Monkey and Ms. Monkey have married.

Mr. Monkey reminds me of the cave I (Joker)  had to pass to get here earlier, I (that’s Joker again) remember something vaguely important looking there, requesting me (Viqer)

Yeah, I know that, I had to share a bed with him y’know? Most hotel rooms only seem to have two beds. We have a girl with us, and of course it would be outrageous if children of the opposite sex slept in the same frikkin’ bed. That and girls are yucky.

Oh, thanks for reminding me. Monologues about rather being pissed on than sleeping in the same bed as a girl always derail me into forgetting stuff that actually matters.

We’ll go to that cave now, you make sure we can fly to Summers when we return.

A quick visit to that cave…

to kill some Shrooom!,

wondering about the shrooms on our heads.

Getting hungry.  Shrooms gone.  Soundstone records melody. Place name “Rainy Circle”

Back in the lab… we can finally leave for Summers. Joker’s dad reassures us that the machine might not break this time around.

Sweet, boats.

Sweet, a beach.

Sweet, an explosion

Oh, that’s us.

We’re in Summers, I guess.

Let’s check this place out. OH A HINT DEALER!!!

No, fuck you. This is twice the price I paid last time. I’ll find out how to proceed on my own.

Let’s start at the museum. Museums are full of information!

Not the kind of information I need, I should’ve known.

Oh, is that a hint? Probably not related to what I’m doing now. Maybe I’ll check that out later.

Part of the museum is being remodeled and I can’t enter that certain part. Unless of course I do some “under the table deal”. The guy let’s me know that he really likes jewelry. I have nothing with me. So I leave. It’s probably related to that other thing I was ignoring, yes.

Let’s check out the Restaurant…

No useful info, just some crazy taking a photo of us.

Let’s check out the Hotel…

You know what? Let’s forget about the Hotel.

Let’s check out the poor people’s district of Summers. Crossing the sea seems like a good idea, probably. Actually I guess I’m looking for some pyramid, which wont be on the sea, good thing he’s scared of Kraken anyway.

I guess that will be important? They only accept reservations by phone and that guy gives me the number…

Suddenly I get called… AGAIN!

This time it’s Tony. T-O-N-Y. Joker’s friend from back at the boarding school.

By player’s names he means the names of people like ME with controllers in their hands. It’s probably for a fourth wall shattering event that is to occur at a later time (kinda like asking the player for his or her name).

Yeah, right, that’s my name.

Is it? If you raise objections in time I might just be able to… correct it.

Oh, your wife, right? She’s ignoring her Magic cake business to be in some weird new club. Oh, this can only be the Stoic Club.

I give the club a call, and they would be happy to see me there.

This is what I find inside. We ask all the people about some kinda magical cake, except the person who makes magical cake so we get referred to her by someone else who really likes that cake.


Suddenly all she wants is to make magical cake.

I don’t say no to free food.

Reminds me of that coffee I had.

I bet…

“Dalaam, in the Far East…”

I am now Lol… and I have to go to the Place of Emptiness or some such thing.


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