Chapter 12 – Fly Me To The Moon

Last thing I know was I was checking behind the counter at the local bar cafe.

And suddenly I’m in the middle of…


Calm down, okay. I’m pretty sure this can be explained with logic and reason.

Moonside, it is. It certainly looks moar liek sum rad killing unicorn ||\||)3\/\/(‘|) n173m4r3 from hell or something.

So, that means in Moonside every day is opposite day.

We leave the bar cafe to…


Wait wait wait, If what you ask is the opposite it says “ Don’t not you don’t understand not all something specific that’s not this” Am I overthinking this?

In the end it turns out that whole opposite day thing is only true for the words “yes” and “no” Awww damn, I would’ve loved to get my mind screwed.

I feel so very helped by you, thank you very much, good sir.

Next guy I talk to teleports me…

… right to some other guy.

He’ll only let me through if a unibrowed guy with a gold tooth is with us.

I would say the same thing if I were you.

This is not a threat, he too teleports Viqer and Joker somewhere. Yes, the hospital.

And fuck you too.

Funny, for a second there I was wondering why I’m here as well.

Oh, please. Come on! I can tell you’re bluffing.


I wish I had Fire right now.

Then, the next guy teleports me somewhere again.

FINALLY! Someone who asks me before he teleports me to some place. I gladly anser “No” this time, so he can bring me to some place.

The question was whether I could see him. I could kinda, but only his silhouette.

I’m terribly sorry. We’re teleported outta this dead end anyway. Which is good.

We’re now in the hotel I assume and there’s a disembodied voice talking. That doesn’t surprise me much, though.

A gold tooth you say? Fine, fine.

Gold tooth, connected eyebrows… Ooooh, I know what to do with you.

The man guarding the only way to the statue I’m looking for and my new invisible friend disappear to have a drink somewhere. I assume it’s coffee, because that’s all the bars cafes around here have.

Not Monotoli disappears shortly after saying this. That basically means we can investigate the evil statue of doom without having to beat up some old man.

So the statue attacks us.

We just won a fight against a statue.

We go back out of the storage and Apple Kid calls again because… well new invention and stuff. This time it’s a “Gourmet Yogurt Machine” It should be able to make Yogurt of any flavour imaginable. The machine has a teeny weeny little flaw at the moment, though.

And it’ll be delivered by Escargo Express… it’s going to come “Neglected Class”

Outside we see a monkey,

Oh, good, it would worry me if my package would be delivered by a monkey. It’s not that I don’t trust your kind, It’s just that you are distracted easily by bubble gum and female monkeys. I don’t blame you for that, though. It’s only natural.

Monkey tells me that Talah Rama is done fasting now and awaits me. Monkey leaves

Oh, I’m glad you’re not a monkey.

For some reason the delivery guy thinks it’s important that I know he just came from some monkey’s place. He tells me about some guy I assume is Talah Rama, but he forgot what he said…

And he’s not going to go back and get it for me.

And yet another visitor that prevents me from stepping away from the door. So other people may enter or leave the bar cafe.

That girl works for Monotoli, and Pyle is currently at Monotoli’s. She needs Trout-flavored yogurt.

Oh, I wonder what I should do next.


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