Chapter 11 – When The Lights Are Down

We checked the mine again before leaving but no gold was to be found. Back to Fourside for now, maybe something has happened there.

On the bridge the gold digger’s brother comes out of nowhere and gives me a diamond from some other mine I don’t know about because his bro didn’t find gold yet. Well okay.

Diamonds are like gold I say, I mean… they aren’t a metal… or have that yellow-ish touch… or… well okay. The only thing they have in common is that they both are to women what big cars are to men.

Oh… let me show you.

If I ever had set up a fourth wall I’d hate to break it. But I obviously didn’t. So the truth is it’s one of those story related inventory items. The worst part, however, is that my inventory is pretty limited. I don’t see why I should lug that diamond around with me. I might as well give it to you so I can finally advance the plot.

And again they are five people. Just one final show before they go away.

And again they are six people. Plus special guest Venus. Whoever that is, I guess it’s not really important.

Oh, Runaway Five, when will we meet again?

Oh… I remember… it was locked I suspected something about it was fishy.

Let’s check it out.

We look around and try to be nice, sadly, some people don’t appreciate that.

I’m afraid my current equipment is manlier than what you have, but don’t give up

We find an interesting looking door on the top floor.

It’s empty, nothing interesting here. Let’s go home.

Oh, that would suck.

Wouldn’t it?

Please don’t tell me I’ll have to look for a girl named Pyle again.

I just came from the office on the fourth floor… why the hell should I go back? Oh… Pyle… right.

Sooooo, back up. Records attack me.

As well as coffee.

In fact, we somehow managed to get into a fight with a road sign earlier. Don’t believe me?


I’m on my way already, goddammit.

Would you kindly shut the fuck up, please?

You big bad meanie, where’s Pyle.

We’re gonna stomp you hard.

Compared to the regular enemies this fellow is very easy to beat.

That’s what he says right after “Master Giygas will avenge me…”

You know what? I’ll tell that picture guy the next time I meet him! I think he’s either incredibly dumb or the villain of this story.

Oh, speak of the devil.

I just killed that goofy ghost guy. Nothing happens. Let’s smile.

It just isn’t the same without Pyle ironically not smiling. I mean Joker does it good as well, but he’s Joker.

Now, what should we do next? Trying to get to Pyle in Monotoli Tower is no use, Polka kicked me out again.

No idea. I guess we’ll have to ask random people on the streets again.

Or in a bar cafe

But, honestly, people there aren’t helping.

Back outside we see a lot of people standing around an injured (or maybe worse) man doing absolutely nothing but watching. Dunno where you’re from. But where I’m from that is against the law. I mean the standing around and not helping, not the laying injured on the ground.

Quick Joker, we must help!


Take the dirty socks I got from Mr. T.

Yeah yeah, I’m Viqer. How do you know my name?

Ooooooh, yes. The guy who wanted to fight me before helping me. Very clever… I like you bro, I like you.

Poor Everdred tells me he was stealing something from Carpainter (former leader of blue worshipping sect) and wanted to sell it in “the big city” as he puts it. The thing was called “Mani Mani” by some random he found somewhere. Sure enough, Monotoli stole this ancient artifact of doom from him.

Yeah good.

Yeah, please tell me again.

He tells the whole story again.

Yes, please, I need to hear it a third time.

Just like Mr. Beeman I assume. Waaaait. You aren’t going to be transformed into a bee in the future are you?

Of course, Everdred, I’ll listen to your Haiku!


Then he walks away.

Goodbye Mr. Beeman. We shall meet again.

Well then… let’s check behind that counter.


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