Chapter 10 – Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand

We rode the bus to Fourside. Only there was a massive traffic jam.

Logically we venture into the desert instead of walking past all the cars… yes.

At least we find some monkey.

In his weird monkey language he tells that their „paradise“ is down that hole. Also that Talah Rama is super awesome.

We go down the hole and find another monkey who tells me that Talah Rama, who I assume is that floating guy over there, is fasting. I’m also told not to bother him, I try anyway but he doesn’t react. So all that’s left is to leave this hole.

Oh, whats this? Some kind of caterpillar? It tries to get away. Quick! Let’s follow it!

Ooops, I stepped on it. I wish there were more of those around.

I find a weird black pixel who claims to be a black sesame.
It apparently really wants to apologize to the white sesame for something. I’ll tell it if I find it.

Let’s take a picture first.

I feel a need to document each and every encounter with the picture dude.

A short while later we encounter a white pixel. It wants me to tell the black pixel that the the white pixel still loves the black pixel.

I may just have saved the relationship of two pixels.

This desert is full of weird things. We even find some contact lenses.

And a sign set up by someone who lost his contact lenses. They are really very important to the person who lost them, that’s why I can read this sign just a few meters from where I found them. The lens searching person is called Penetella Giovanni and lives on the second floor of the bakery in Fourside.

Good, let’s check out that traffic jam from the other side before we go there.

Oh, Fuck me. Off to Fourside…

by bus..

My first impression of Fourside is very diagonal.

The map confirms by first impression.

First I rest at the local hotel. Sure enough I get the headline of the paper delivered.

So I guess that Monotoli person is some sort of mobster now.

Oh, right, those are still around. Let’s see what they were up to.

Mmm-hmmm. And what do you expect me to get so you let them go?

Gold… I see.

I know… I know…

So they still are six people on stage.

Yeah, buried gold. Where?

Let’s check out the contact lens dude in the bakery first.

Thank you very much.

“They stink a little… but they’re still good.”


This also sounds interesting. Probably more important than paying some other people’s bills.

It belongs to that Monotoli guy, sounds fishy, definitely fishy.

So let’s check out that Monotoli Building right next to the closed Department Store.

Sounds like it was installed specifically for that familiar sounding name master. For some reason I’m allowed to ride the elevator anyway. Right up to the 47th floor.

Funny story, I don’t remember yours either.

Unless you have a million to spare, no.

Yes I remember, that’s the name the elevator lady said just now.

That guy is now Monotolis advisor or something.

After calling me a loser he orders his goons to accompany me outside. No need to get violent, we’re civilized people, we’ll leave on our own.

After we checked out that other room up here.

Po-something’s dad is in there. Yeah yeah, I know his name by now, but since he’s acting like such an ass towards me I don’t feel like admitting that in front of him or his relatives just to piss him off.

Porno’s dad starts laughing maniacally. So we leave before he snaps for real.

We decide to check out a pub cafe that is rumored to be visited by a guy who looks just like Monotoli. Well… Mr. Barkeep denies that. So I leave.

Oh… it’s always evil entities.

We go to a Museum where we are being photographed by the guy I believe to be an evil entity. Nothing else happens.

I honestly have no idea what to do now. I only see one way out.

The hint dealer tells me we should check out. The desert. There’s someone starving.

And so we go back to the desert.

Well, he’s fasting. That’s not quite starving.

Already dead.

Oooh, he said starving. Here, take a bread roll.

That’s too nice. I gave one bread roll to receive gold some day. I rest for the night in that shack.

Turns out my friend was busy over night. Let’s check out his digging efforts.

Oh well, five moles are preventing him from digging deeper. I guess it’s our job to find and remove these moles.

Soon enough we find the first one. He’s the third strongest, is what he says.

As illustrated by the number in the background. He’s just slightly stronger than ordinary enemies.

Shortly after that we find another third strongest dude. Which we also beat rather quickly.




At some point I was suspecting that, maybe, just maybe, I had to fight three third strongest and then the two strongest in a tag team match. Turns out I was wrong. For all I could tell they were equally weak.

Upon leaving picture-man takes another picture of us.

Yeah, now go and find me gold.


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