Chapter 9 – Heroes Of The Lost Valley

Finally Belch is dead and Threed should now finally be safe again. I go through the tunnel Belch was blocking.

And come out in Saturn Valley. I could have surprise attacked him… but NO. The ladders were too short… well, now it’s too late for that anyway. Let’s be cool.

We are quickly prompted to wash the barf off our bodies.

Which we gladly do.

After bathing we are offered a nice warm cup of coffee. We accept this, of course.

Don’t take coffee from Mr. Saturn. Ever. Here’s the complete unabridged cup of that coffee.

“You’ve traveled very far from home

Do you remember how your long and winding journey began with someone pounding at your door? It was Pokey, the worst person in your neighborhood, who knocked on the door that fateful night.

On your way, you have walked, thought and fought. Yet through all this, you have never lost your courage. You have grown steadily stronger, though you have experienced the pain of battle many times.

You are no longer alone in your adventure, Pyle who is steadfast, kind and even pretty, is always at your side. Joker is with you as well. Though he is timid, he came from a distant land to help you.

Viqer, as you certainly know by now, you are not a regular young man… You have an awesome destiny to fulfill.

The journey from this point will be long, and it will be more difficult than anything you have undergone to this point. Yet, I know you will be all right. When good battles evil, which side do you believe wins? Do you have faith that good is triumphant.

One thing you must never lose is courage. If you believe in the goal you are striving for, you will be courageous. There are many difficult times ahead, but you must keep your sense of humor, work through the tough situations and enjoy yourself.

When you have finished this cup of coffee, your adventure will begin again. Next you must pass through a vast desert and proceed to the big city of Fourside.




I wish you luck…”

I don’t know what this trip is meant to imply, but I said I wouldn’t blame the weird ongoings here on drugs anymore. So let’s check out that cave up there, maybe it’ll lead us to that vast desert we need to pass through…

Okay okay, now let’s go.

Looks suspiciously like one of those short passage things I’ve seen a-plenty.

Looks suspiciously like it’s not a desert.

Looks suspiciously like there’s a mushroom on Joker’s head.

Looks suspiciously like one of those talking lights I must fight in order to save the world.

And we have to fight the Trillionage Sprout.

Of course we win.

And find another one of those “Your Sanctuary”s

“Be a thoughtful, strong boy…”

My Sound Stone records the melody of this location. It’s called “Milky Well”

Also, Joker is free of mushrooms now.

That was not the desert we were looking for. It wasn’t much of a desert at all.

So we go back to Saturn Valley.

From there we go back to Threed. Once again we’re the heroes of the day.

Finally the citizens of Threed can have a happy graveyard-walk again.

This is so much better than other games, where people ignore all of my accomplishments.

Sucks for you, I’m a hero.

Yeah, those too.

And that’s my cue.

Ridin’ a bus in a tunnel, yeah.

And back out, that’s the way I like it.

Through the desert, way cool.

Right into a traffic jam!

The bus driver is nice enough to decide that I want to get off here instead of driving back with him.

Awwww… damnit.


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