Chapter 8 – Dead Bury Their Dead

Finally, Joker met with Pyle and Viqer. The three are now united to battle against the undead menace that has befallen the once glorious town of Threed. Today, we shall reclaim the streets, my friends… but first we need to know what has happened while we were out.

According to the Zombie Herald, nothing I don’t already know about.

It’s still about something called Belch… If we only knew where to find that Belch…

Maybe there…

Near the tent I find someone who claims to work for the zombies.

And he only gives me this delicate info because I look like I’m just passing through. Ha, well.


We check out the tent and find a dog… nothing else.

Oh shi-

The things that want our death get more and more implausible with each passing day.

After beating the demonic tent we see two zombies, but upon seeing us they run away, leaving behind a trash can that contains…

Of course, but just having the honey wont help me much, will it?

I don’t even feel like carrying this around anymore…

So we still don’t know where to find that Belch thing.

Stopping zombies ain’t what it used to be.

Then my old buddy Apple Kid gives me a call… he finished a new invention.

Oh Apple Kid, why do you always know what I need.

The Zombie Paper is supposed to work like fly paper. Only for zombies.

Oh, the floor of a tent? Where could I find such a thing?

And the best part is that I’ll get it delivered by the pizza delivery dude.

The delivery man (somewhat hidden between Pyle and Joker) shows up a few seconds after that and hands me the Zombie paper. Oh reliable pizza delivery man, I love you.

Now let’s check out that tent in town, the one that’s the headquarters of the Anti Zombie Alliance and ask them for their help.

Oh, good. Just let us cover the floor of your tent with zombie paper… Pyle start over there, Joker and I will help you once you’re finished.

No seriously.

And so we wait for the Zombies to make their move.

And indeed, the zombies come. Almost as if I somehow lured them there. But I don’t recall doing that.

It’s that bad? Good?

Yes, I am the enemy of all zombies, bow down to my name!!!

What now? There are no zombies in town anymore but I still haven’t found that Belch-person?

Where might he be?

Maybe there?

Who knows? Lairs of darkness filled with caskets usually have some undead mastermind…

Or a slime.. that attacks me…

Oh well…

I beat it and climb the ladder back into daylight.

Hey, there’s another cave, but let’s check out what’s up north first.

A Waterfall and… well… that guy…

Of course I check behind the waterfall and find nothing. So it’s that cave then.

I come out at a beautiful sunny place…

And meet Mr. Saturn.

Apparently everyone here is Mr. Saturn… or Dr. Saturn.

It is not long until I stumble across vital info…

Mr. Saturn tells me that the password to enter the secret base behind the Grapefruit Falls (I assume that’s where I found nothing before) is to stand still for three minutes after being asked to say the password.

I do some further research and learn that Mr. Saturns disappeared somehow. I hope this is still linked to that Belch thing I’m actually here for.

So we go to those falls.

And wait.

We may enter.

Looks pretty Hi-Tec compared to all the caves I visited so far.

The slime guards’ keen nose notices that I carry fly-honey with me. That means he won’t attack me.

I also find some of the Mr. Saturns that disappeared. Definitely weird people. I can’t tell whether they are brainwashed into liking their job or the genuinely enjoy their work here.

Oh, but you’re not Belch, are you? Yeah, looks like I have to fight some of the slimes after all. I mean, it’s not the only enemies I have around here. Addding slimes to that other things is like shitting into a lake of piss. (please excuse the shitty metaphor hehehe-he. And also the pun just now. Seriously, I’m sorry.)

Seems like waiting for three minutes isn’t it.

But I AM shy, you have to believe me. He doesn’t. We beat him up. He dies, becomes tame, whatever. We go on through the door that smells like boss fight.

So we find…

That’s one hell of a first word.

That thing is Mr. Belch. Evil slime of evil working for Giygas

Oh fuck.

Belch is a tough asshole. Thanks to Joker’s spying skill I find out he’s open to hypnosis, so I hypnotize him. This basically means he’s gonna sleep. He wakes up rather quickly but thanks to Pyle casting her PSI Freeze on him there’s a chance he can’t move even when he’s awake. Basically we’re minimizing the enemy’s actions. Seems like a good strategy.

Only Belch has more HP than expected and we don’t have any spells left to cast. My last Psi Rockin’ Beta isn’t enough.

I’m outta PP I have nothing to replenish it. I check the inventory…

And find something… So let’s give that a try…

Now luckily it doesn’t heal him. But why would it?

And after a few turns of that he’s finally defeated.

He babbles something on how I’m too late and Giygas got the Mani Mani Statue (Y’know, these golden things) from Fourside. Then…

One hell of a last word before he fades.


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