Chapter 6 – Who Wants To Live Forever?

I finally left Twoson. More or less on accident because I got my trip to Threed as a reward for what I thought to be just a sidequest. I wanted to make a filler episode for the sake of it, but the game wouldn’t let me.

Now I am in Threed.

And that’s the flavor of the town.

Most people in town seem to be obsessed with zombies.

Some know something…

Some are rather pessimistic.

Some are… well like that.

Others seem to even like it.

All that obsession over zombies made me believe that I’d fight zombies.

But then I run into this and am pretty perplexed. But I don’t let that get to me. Things don’t need to make sense.

I guess I’ll have to find her then, I guess I’ll have to stop this zombie plague then, I guess I’ll have to go through at least one dungeon and defeat at least two bosses to do that then…

One guy tells me about the anti-zombie squad (the one who told me he believed the zombies would crush him). They are located in the circus tent.

That’s about as helpful as they get, though.

I do some very hard thinking on where I might find zombies…

The graveyard seems like a pretty safe guess, there’s also one of those “Don’t Enter” signs I tend to ignore. I wonder if I’ll get into trouble with the police again.

Not exactly that…

What a great picture. A kid smiling in front of a gravestone. Could only be better if it read “leaves behind two children and a teddy bear (which is not important enough to receive any mention as opposed to mushrooms on my head)”

I check out the other corner of the graveyard and don’t find anything.

Then I search the other graveyard, y’know, the one without a “Don’t Enter” sign. Maybe the zombies were scared away by that.

Indeed, I find two zombies. But besides staring into my sould they don’t do anything. So I go back to town for now, maybe catch some sleep.

Oh, what’s this? A hooker? I feel compelled to follow her. Because she might be that suspicious zombie talking gal, y’know.

I follow her a bit because I don’t have anything better to do.

Well shit, it’s a trap.

I get a beating by enemies I probably could’ve beaten, but…

Yeah, that.

I wake up in a dark room, alone with a girl.

Naturally the first thing I do is to lo… check if the door is locked. It would suck if we couldn’t get out of here.

Luckily Pyle has psychic powers that allow her to communicate with faraway people (perhaps in Winters, a small country to the north) in their dreams.

“If you hear me, please wake up and… head south! Only you, though far away, can save us, Joker”

Yes Joker, listen to the voice in your dreams. It’ll solve all of your problems.

I am now Joker.

Yes my yet to be named friend, I plan on heading down south so I can meet people who may or may not actually exist.

My good friend informs me of the dorm rules that apparently don’t allow late-night walks and also that there are some things in the locker room which might be useful to me.

Then he joins me and I find out his name.

Other students of this nice boarding school seem to be still awake as well. They are probably seniors or something.

I find a room full of presents. They belong to two other people but I take all the cookies from the boxes. I promised not to make any assumptions on secret ingredients of those cookies anymore.

I very very carefully walk down the stairs, where the locker room is located.

And my crazy science friend. He seems to be friends with my father, the first leader of the Ultra Science Club, because he can’t stop telling me how awesome he is/was.

After listening to all that he gives me the key to the locker room… which is bent (the key, just in case).

And that’s terrible.

So I go back to my crazy science friend who’s secretly in love with my father. Of course he knew this was going to happen because he knew the key was bent when he gave it to me, he just wanted me to go to the lockers and attempt to open them for no reason at all. He’s still nice enough to give me a…

exactly that. Or short, for inventory purposes, “Bad key machine”

I am now able to open locked things. I don’t know whether I can open everything that’s locked now or just these lockers, but I assume it’s the latter.

In these here lockers I find a sweet hat and a toy gun.

Well then, I’m ready to leave and explore the whole wide world.

My friend Tony functions as a step for me to get over the gate. “We are best friends forever”, then he leaves me alone in the cold.


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