Chapter 5 – The Longest Time

Before I finally leave Twoson and advance to Threed I (you, for Viqer that means the voices in his head) decided I should go visit that strange, anti-blue place, since I might not come back here any time soon.

I believe shit is starting to get weird soon In relation to the rest of the game, because random enemies spawn in town. Cops attack me for being too legal, or something.

He even brought two dogs. I have Pyle burn them. She’s still only level 5-ish but deals decent damage with her Offensive PSI-stuff. So those people aren’t much of a problem..

But let’s get back to what I actually wanted to do. To go to that anti-blue place I first must go to Happy Happy Village and to go to Happy Happy Village I first must go through Peaceful Rest Valley. The names of these Places still sound relatively harmless to me, and by now they are.

The People of Happy Happy Village welcome me as their savior, they apologize for being so blue to me before.

The cow is back to normal and the houses are now much friendlier to the eyes.

Well, you kinda kidnapped Pyle there.

So am I, and that is why I am here.

Nothing too special so far…

Is that a bear? Looks kinda cute. And that small thing reminds me of the moles from a game in which you eat mushrooms to grow bigger and consume flowers to throw fireballs.

It looks friendly, but it attacks me. And what attacks me will have to get past my bat first.

Then the cave has bats. I love bats. My dog is named Batman and I use a bat as my weapon.

But these just won’t get along with me, I don’t know. Bad bats do exist.

Aaaah, real human bones. This is definitely the creepiest place I’ve seen in this game so far.

I finally encounter one of those bears I’ve seen earlier. They hit hard, but they are no match for both Pyle’s PSI Freeze and my baseball bat combined with some occasional Rockin’ whenever I want.

What sounds like some nice candy is actually a useful battle supply that restores my PP which are Psychic Points, in case I didn’t mention that earlier.

Oh, don’t tell me…

Talking lights again, and I made sure the food I ate didn’t contain anything funny. Pyle can see it as well, so either we’re both crazy or it’s real. OR I just imagine her being able to see it. OOOOR this is all just one crazy overdosed trip and nothing after me taking that cookie from my sister is actually real.

Discussing the realness of that giant mole approaching us isn’t the smartest thing to do, probably. Let’s just assume everything is real and never bring that drug thing up again. Ever.

The otherwise very Powerful PSI Freeze does have very little effect on our friend, but PSI Thunder deals some decent damage. On the downside… it may or may not hit anything at all. And it can’t be aimed, but that isn’t a problem in this case.

In the end it worked out.

That crazy light again…

I liked the small, cute puppy from the last time better.

My Sound Stone records the melody of the Lilliput Steps. Which are the exact opposite of Giant’s Step. I wonder what kind of steps I will find in the future. Or maybe there wont be any steps but something different that catches me off guard. In the end the answer will lay in OUR HEARTS or something.

It was an interesting experience. I don’t recall seeing any blue, not even the water was blue and there were bears and moles and bats, but they weren’t the good kind of bats.

Aaaaand…back to Twoson…

Oh, look at what our trip has done for Pyle. That’s the level I had when I met her, If I remember correctly.

Before I finally leave town I decide to check out some stuff I might have missed, I wanted to do a pointless sidequest and I shall not rest until I’ve completed a pointless sidequest.

That’s nice. The two fellas here are from a band called the “Runaway Five” and one of them just gave me a backstage pass. I guess I’ll check out their show.

What’s up with that guy. Does he randomly pop up and take pictures of other people as well? Or is it just me?

Pyle still doesn’t pose for the picture. But at least she’s not hiding behind me this time.

Probably a whole shitload because he adds that “they might be here for 100 years”. Unless of course I decide to pay in their stead. His name is Poochyfud and he’s the manager of this place, by the way.

I take that as a hint and offer him my wad of bills I got from Everdred. It may be money, but it’s just an inventory item, so it’s worthless and just occupies one space of my inventory.

Poochyfud has self-imposed rules on how to handle money-affairs. He tells me to come back to him after the Runaway Five Show.

Sure. Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go backstage. You can come.

Oh, that is coincidentally the exact amount my wad of bills is said to contain. I offer it to him, he seems pretty impressed that I run around with so much money, but he doesn’t want to take it. The rest of the band do the same thing. So I just go out and watch their show.

I know the band is called the Runaway Five, but I count six people. What’s really interesting is that the hall is empty and they seem to play for no one. Okay, I admit. I’m just left to that screen. So at least they play for me and Pyle.

After the concert one guy of the band tells me that Poochyfud wants to see me.

A reeeeal close look.

Oh, that’s cool. And I’m glad I got rid of that useless 10,000 dollar item. Okay, I COULD have stored it, but where’s the fun in that?

And suddenly they’re only five.


As a little thank you for what I just did they offer to drive me to… Three… d.

GODDAMNIT!!! Let’s just forget what I said about pointless sidequests earlier m’kay?

Hahaha, Fuck you ghosts, you can’t touch us.



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