Chapter 4 – Sky Painted On Car

Okay, now that I got that mushroom Problem out of my way I can explore Peaceful Rest Valley and find Pyle…

I certainly could if there wasn’t a huge pencil-shaped iron statue blocking my path, for some weird reason.

Hey, I remember, that Orange Kid-kid gave me a machine, he told me it would help me in Peaceful Rest Valley, maybe that’ll help…

… …

I don’t think… I should stay here…

Just when I think shit can’t get worse I get a call.

It’s not that bad, he finished the invention I funded and wants me to come check it out ASAP.

Since I’m already in town anyway that’s not a problem.

This is not important at all, I just wanted to inform you that I got a mushroom on my head again.

I do, Orange Kid, I do. He’s waiting in Burglin Park? Okay, I’ll talk you later, friend, it concerns your invention. I need to buy a new bat first, though. But now, off to find Apple Kid

Oh, there he is.

He’s been busy apparently, and he has created a pencil eraser. I hope it’s better than what I think it is.

Heeeey, that’s more or less exactly what I need to get that pencil-shaped iron statue out of my way, thank you, Apple Kid. Could you also invent something to give that Orange Kid permanent Diarrhea? Anyway, I still have a mushroom on my head, I think this is an important issue, I need to talk with some guy at the hospital about it.

And that’s how I got another fifty dollars. I wonder what people want my mushrooms for.

I’m glad I have that out of my way, now back to Peaceful Rest Valley!

Damnit, pencil-shaped objects, my mortal enemies!

I’m just glad I have the pencil eraser…

See, it’s not gone in this picture even though the text says it „was“ erased.

It disappeared right after that, though.

Oh, I hear something, What can this be…

„Fuzzy pickles!“

This place is huge, and I could swear that tree just moved.

Talk to a tree, make friends with it.

Bob Ross was wrong. Trees want nothing but your death.

Luckily I know how to defend myself.

There’s an awful lot of presents with weird items inside just about everywhere.

After a while I finally find another cave.

It’s just a short passage that leads me to…

Happy Happy Village!

There can’t possibly be anything bad about this village.

I shouldn’t have said that just now.

Not everyone is that nice, though…

Happy Happy Insane Cultist.

Everyone in this places says more or less the same thing. It’s kind of a cult worshipping the color blue. It’s called Happy-Happyism

So I decide to check out that big house in the middle of the village.

Oh. Fuck.

I politely ask my way through the cultists and beat up some. I go upstairs and find Mr. Carpainter.

He asks me if I want to become his right-hand man in the noble task of making this world blue. I politely decline this generous offer.

Lightning strikes

Next thing I know is I wake up next to a blue cow.

At least I got some new hint on where Pyle could be, the guy tells me she’s in a mountain cabin. I recall seing something like that earlier, I think I have to go north to find it.

„It’s a strange and anti-blue place.“

I don’t think I’ll visit that anti-blue place just now, because that’s exactly the direction where I don’t think I can find the desired cabin.

This looks better…

Again, it’s just a short passage which leads me directly to the cabin.

And there I find the girl of my dreams, locked in a cell.

„I had a dream that a boy named Viqer was my destiny“


She also informs me that Mr. Carpainter can control lightning. Sweet, that’s exactly the information I needed.

But she also gives me the Franklin badge, which is supposed to reflect that lightning. Which is good. I need that because the only one who has a key to that cell is Mr. Carpainter, and I now have to go back to him to get that key. Which is what I’m going to do now.

Upon leaving I meet an old friend.

He doesn’t seem to be very happy to see me. What was his name again?

Oh, I see.

Apparently Pokes is a member of that Happy-Happy sect now.

He seems opposed enough to me to run away and let the two cultists he brought fight me.

There’s also a bird, but that doesn’t change anything, I just do some good old fashioned PSI Rockin and they’re gone.

So, back to the Happy Happy Headquarters (HHHQ or Triple-H Q)

Old Carpainter still talks the same shit as if he doesn’t remember me,

Only that.

Mr. Carpainter uses paint attacks to attack me, and lightning attacks to attack himself. Oh, he never learns.

And that’s how it ends.

Carpainter is back to normal again. It seems the statue in the back made him do all these weird Happy Happy blue things. He gives the key to me as an apology for going batshit insane. Talking about batshit, I wonder what my dog is doing. Sadly he’s more of a literal batshit.

The big room of crazy isn’t so full of crazy anymore.

And Polka seems to regret what he did as well.

Oh, what an ass.

I’d probably be upset if I ever liked him.

I’ll go save Pyle now.

You are like I imagined you to be in that you’re female.

Pyle tells me that she has psychic powers, just like me, only hers rock in a different way than mine.

Finally some company, she decides we go back to Twoson



Why aren’t you posing Pyle? I just saved you. You’re supposed to be happy.

Oh… I see. You must be uncomfortable being with such a gorgeous  high-level hunk. Being only level 1 yourself.

Don’t worry, you’re already on level 5 after one battle. You’ll grow even stronger soon.

And so I bring Pyle back to her home.

But he did so without many words. Maybe he wants to get rid of her.

She’s pretty fearless herself. For some reason she seems to be convinced that we’ll meet a third friend in Threed, which is the town after Twoson. People who paid attention in school know this.


Yes, I definitely wouldn’t want to miss that, even if it’s just a kick to the groin.

Turns out it was 10000 dollars.

But now, off to Threed for real.

Or is there anything I should do before that?

Like visiting that strange, anti-blue place? Or should I save that for a later visit?


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