Chapter 3 – Somebody Stole My Guitar

I’m on my way to Twoson now. It shouldn’t be too long I think. I mean, I do think it’s weird that there’s no paved road out of Onett so my mom could drive me, or I could take the bus, but it’s okay… It’s to find Pyle after all…

Oh riiight. I haven’t checked the map yet…

Let’s see, that’s Onett, which I’m leaving now. Luckily that map works in Twoson as well, at least that’s what the policeman told me.

I don’t think a Hamburger out of a present box in the middle of nowhere can be healthier than one I dug out of the trash. Anyway, you don’t say no to presents.

Still not walking for very long…

Hello Twoson, how are you doing today? You look kinda different from Onett, but that’s okay.

They even have a cycle shop.

They don’t sell them though, there are only rentals.

Oh well…

My next stop is… wait…

That guy again,

I pose for a little snapshot and he disappears again.

Okay okay, I think I should look out for that Pyle now…

Mr. T seems to know something, but he doesn’t know where Pyle went.

Oh, I do, she’s the girl of my dreams. Literally.

You know Pyle? Where is Pyle? I’d like to speak with that Pyle?
That woman doesn’t seem to know any more than that. I check out the rest of that orphanage or school or whatever and run into…

A guy. He turns out to be slightly paranoid or something, he asks me if I’m from „a TV station, or what?“ I say no. Then guy tells me that Pyle would only meet with a boy named Viqer. Oh, what a coincidence, I AM Viqer.

„You will save the world! Let me go call Pyle“

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

Guy asks me to come back later, I decide to keep looking for Pyle a bit longer, maybe someone knows more than her very own Parents.

While doing research I run into a guy who calls himself Orange Kid.

He tells me about a Machine that would really help in in Peaceful Rest Valley.

I didn’t say that, but yes of course, I’d looooove to fund your genius invention.

I give the guy $ 200 and receive the Suporma

„Please use it for spreading peace and goodwill on Earth“

He doesn’t know anything about Pyle’s whereabouts, though. So I go to the next house, where another Inventor lives…

The Apple Kid. Who’s starving. I am a rebel with a heart and give him one of my cookies. Yes, one of those I got from birds. He seems to like me now. And he too asks me to fund his project, whatever it will be. I give him $ 200 as well and get nothing.

I dig around in his trash, it’s what all the Kool Kidz do.

Oh… I take it, just in case I need a broken machine in the future.

I continue my probing and finally, I get some Info from that shady guy behind the trees.

Lé gasp

That certainly means I have to check out the Hangout of the local criminals. The people seem nice enough, when suddenly, someone attacks…

Why, hello there. His name Is Everdred and he’d like to kick my butt, or something.

So I get out my trusty slighshot, and show him. (I sold my bat because I think a slingshot is totally a better weapon)

Of coure I’m better than him.

After the battle we have a nice chat, just as promised. He twisted his ankle when he jumped off the roof.

He seems to know what I’m looking for already. Pyle.

At least he knows where she was taken.

Peaceful Rest Valley, doesn’t sound too bad.

Now that DOES sound bad.

„They were definitely hard-core strange“

Did he just pronounce hardcore with an hyphen?

Okay, let’s not forget.

Pyle could become a human sacrifice any second now, but first I’ll rest at the local hotel.

Hi Pyle, I guess you can’t hear me.

She can hear water running in the distance. Cool. Apparently there’s water in Peaceful Rest Valley. Time to wake up and go there.

I see that guy from the pre-school running around, looking for Pyle.

In case you’re wondering why I have a mushroom on my head… never mind, it’s a long story.

Proceed through cave

Leave cave. Oooh, girl. Pretty.

And that’s how I got rid of that mushroom.


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