Chapter 2 – Have You Passed Through This Night?

Last night was rough.

First a meteorite chrashing on the hilltop nearby woke me up, then, when I fell asleep again the knocking on the door woke me up. Some guy wanted me to go find his brother. So I went and found his brother, and with him a talking bee from the future who told me I was one of the four chosen warriors of light. I bacame best friends with that bee and then it died. I’m tired now I think I’ll go home to catch some sleep now.

But first I’ll have a random stranger take a picture of me.

I’m curious of what the meaning of this was.

Thanks mom, but I already had plenty of fire at the meteorite, I’ll go to sleep without eating.

Next day, In order to maybe find Giant’s step or candy, I decide to go visit that creepy old man who told me he had something to tell me, and only me, last night. Yeah, I didn’t mention that to you. I kinda forgot, sorry. I didn’t think that old guy’s rambling was important.

Yes, let’s do exactly that.

Seriously after hearing that laugh the only reason I’m going with him is that I’m already on level 3 and a big boy now and he’s just a fragile old man who got hit by a necromancer’s decrepifying curse.

Nice, a statue. Old guy tells me to go away now.

So, I got some sleuthing to do in order to get to that Giant’s Step place and find „Your Sanctuary“ #1. There’s no better place for this kind of thing than a library. Libraries know everything.

Or at least It’ll get me a map. Which will help probably.

What? A hamburger costs $14.00. Would you pay that? To think of it… why would anyone throw such an expensive burger away unless it’s really REALLY shitty. I didn’t eat it right away. Luckily, it got stolen by a bird before I could take a bite.

Upon digging in less filthy places I find out that the key that opens the shack that blocks the way to Giant’s Step is probably in the City Hall. I assume the mayor knows where it is, because no one else does.

But they wouldn’t let me talk to him.

Word on the street has it that the biggest trouble in town is a violent gang called the Sharks. They’re hanging out at the arcade. I’ll do what every ten year old would do in that situation. I’ll rip them sharks and their leader a new one.

Exactly that Frank, thanks for the directions.

The Sharks were way bigger and stronger than me on level 4 but now My Level is 5 and I got a new bat, so let’s get this shit crackin’.

I fight my way through the arcade right into Franks Backyard…

I’m a silent protagonist, If I told you my name you wouldn’t hear it and we’d just assume I told you. Which I didn’t because I don’t talk. Frank doesn’t like silent types, though.

And I don’t like violent types who think of peace and love while charging at little kids with knives. His music is pretty cool, though. Anyay, I beat him up a bit, but…

Ooooh, and that’s why he sends his „tamer“ robot „Frankystein MKII“ to „tame“ me.

It was a fierce fight.

But in the end I trashed that thing.

At least he knows when he lost.

Failure Frank tells me that the mayor has the key I need to get to Giant’s Step. So I guess I’ll have to go back to the town hall. Now that one trouble of this town is gone, maybe they’ll let me talk to him. They let me.

The mayor seems to like what I did…

He seems to love it.

No problem, now give me the key.

Uhhh… sure… And that’s how I got that key.

I opened that shack and went through it. Then I went through a cave where I had to fight Rats and Ants and other dangerous animals. Like snails or what those things were. After a while I found an exit.

And a new cave I must enter. Also: Giant’s Step.

I had to fight some more of the same things, but then… after one fight…

Yessss. Let’s rock. Maybe I should have gone with Fuckin, for realizing the power of Fuckin a instead (Yes, I do know it’s an alpha)

After some more walking and fighting…

I saw the light, painful, blinding…

… talking. I’m trying to remember when I had my last cookie. I had some, y’know. I didn’t buy them in a store, I got them from birds I „tamed“. The same kind of bird that stole that hamburger I got out of the trash earlier.

„Take it from me, if you dare..“

Then the light turned into one huge ant and two small ones and started to attack me.

I decided to test that new PSI Rockin’ I got.

The big ant takes a good deal of damage and it’s two little companions become tame immediately.

People: Rockin’ doesn’t make you tame. It makes you go wild. The more extreme forms of Rockin’ can make your heads fall off or cause other injuries. But they don’t make you tame.

That big one was a tough customer I tell you…

I barely made it. But I tamed the ant. Let your imagination run wild about how I did that with a Baseball Bat.

I go out… and see Giant’s Step…

I also catch a glimpse of a small, cute puppy.

And my soundstone records the melody of Giant’s Step. I don’t think there’s anything more to do for me here. I leave.

But I thought you knew I was a rebel? The cop last night didn’t even bother stopping me from going up the hilltop to touch a burning ball.

Mr. Policeman wants me to come to the Station when I have the time. So I go home to sleep first.

Just five more minutes… okay?

You’re not my friend, then. That name does sound familiar, though

„Can you hear me calling you? I am Pyle…“

Then I woke up. I heard Pyle lives in Twoson. Some guy on the street told me. So I have to go there, I guess. But to go there I first have to fuck with the police, because there’s still that roadblock.

You told me, yes. I’m a rebel, I don’t listen to signs.

Seems like it’s no use talking to that guy, let’s try the next one.

It’s kinda funny that I don’t have any pictures of what happened next. Becauuuuse… Strict security measures in the Police Department, yes.

I talked to Mustache Cop #3. He told me that he’d clear the road to Twoson If I could best five of his men in combat. I beat four of them and the last one ran off, because I’m just too awesome. So Mustache Cop #3 Fought me instead of him. But I also beat him. My my I’m so happy, I can finally go to Twoson.

Goodbye Onett, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day.


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