Chapter 0 – Pre-Prologue
Namin’ shit. You can skip that if you don’t want to see me naming some characters and other things.

Chapter 1 – Prologue
I am the rad kid that flaps the night.

Chapter 2 – Have You Passed Through This Night?
This is where the game starts for really real and I can walk around in town. And do y’know, the RPG kind of things.

Chapter 3 – Somebody Stole My Guitar
I pretty much just talk with some people to find out where a girl named Pyle is. I beat one guy up.

Chapter 4 – Sky Painted On Car
I go to Happy Happy Village and smash some crazy cult of blue-worshipers.

Chapter 5 – The Longest Time

I do what I believe to be two sidequests completely unrelated to the main storyline and advance in the main storyline

Chapter 6 – Who Wants To Live Forever?
I am finally in Threed and ready to stop the zombie plague.

Chapter 7 – The Land Of Ice And Snow
Joker is finally on his way to Threed to stop the zombie plague.

Chapter 8 – Dead Bury Their Dead
Finally united, on our way out to stop the zombie plague.

Chapter 9 – Heroes Of The Lost Valley

The zombie plague is stopped. What now?

Chapter 10 – Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand
Okay, I go through a desert to reach a town to go back to that desert to go back to that town.

Chapter 11 – When The Lights Are Down
After coming back to town, which, despite the description, did not happen in the previous chapter, I do some thing with the Runaway Five and then another thing with the Department Store.

Chapter 12 – Fly Me To The Moon
Rad killing unicorns.

Chapter 13 – Snake vs. Monkey
Massive fetch-questing for a bunch of monkeys in the first half and a few too many Metal Gear references in the second.

Chapter 14 – Wherever I May Roam
Wandering around, basically. I travel from Fourside to Threed and from Threed to Winters and from Winters to Summers and well…

Chapter 15 – My Last Sunrise
I dive into nothingness.

Chapter 16 – Puff, the Magic Dragon
Off to Scaraba! Wait, let’s check out that completely unrelated thing first.

Chapter 17 – Third Eye Surfer
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B

Chapter 18 – Paint It Black
I’m really sorry for making a Rolling Stones reference which doesn’t fit at all here, since I actually remove blackness, but it’s not like there’s any song called Yellow Submarine by maybe.. dunno… The Beatles? That would’ve just been the perfect mandatory music reference for this one.

Chapter 19 – Forever Of The Stars
Visiting a secret underground alien robot base to get owned.

Chapter 20 – Coming Home
We help the Tenda to become less shy and see dinosaurs a while later.

Chapter 21 – My Dream’s But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare
Viqer’s crazy dream world.

Chapter 22 – Child in Time
Nothing much happens, except our heroes are on their way to confront Giygas.

Final Chapter – A Giant Alien Force More Violent and Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine
The most evil final boss ever makes me PRAY!